Faculty and Dissertation Fellows

The Research Fellowships bring together faculty and advanced graduate students (writing dissertations) in order to enable scholarly exchanges that cross departmental and disciplinary boundaries. Fellows participate in a research colloquium, chaired by the Center's Director that meets regularly throughout the academic year; each meeting focuses on the project of one of the fellows.

2023-2024 Faculty Fellows

Alesandra Hernandez Headshot

Aleksandra Hernandez (Philosophy) 

Valuing Animal Life: A Pragmatist Approach

Hermann Beck headshot

Hermann Beck (History) 

The German Revolution: Popular Enthusiasm and Violence in the Nazi Takeover in 1933

Krista Goff Headshot

Krista Goff (History)

Deportees and Settlers: World War Two and its aftermath in the Caucasus and Central Asia

Nebil Husayn headshot

Nebil Husayn (Religious Studies)

Reimagining Islam: Modernists between Faith and Doubt

Fellow: Fall 2023 and Spring 2025

Tim Watson Headshot

Tim Watson (English)

The Mango: A Florida Cultural History

Traci Ardren Headshot

Traci Ardren (Anthropology)

Wild Plant Kinship in the Coastal Cultures of Indigenous South Florida

Patoimbasba Nikiema

Patoimbasba Nikiema (Modern Languages and Literatures)

Rethinking Exile: The Imaginary of the Return in Caribbean and African Francophone Literatures 

2023-2024 Dissertation Fellows

 Kate M. Albrecht (English) 

 Reformation Women Writers and Their Mediators: 1540-1650 


  Mauro Cazzolla (Modern Languages and Literatures)

  Annie Ernaux, Edouard Louis and the craft of translating contemporary French autosociobiography

  Yasamin Rezai (Modern Languages and Literatures)

  Poetics of Platforms: A Study of Popular Performative Poetry on Social Media in Iran