Faculty and Dissertation Fellows

Faculty and Dissertation Fellow

The Research Fellowships bring together faculty and advanced graduate students (writing dissertations) in order to enable scholarly exchanges that cross departmental and disciplinary boundaries. Fellows participate in a research colloquium, chaired by the Center's Director that meets regularly throughout the academic year; each meeting focuses on the project of one of the fellows.

2018-2019 Faculty Fellows

Berit Brogaard Berit Brogaard (Philosophy)

Character as Constituent of Personality
Rebecca Doran Rebecca Doran (MLL)

The Embodied Anomaly: The Emergence and Option of Fuyao
Eduardo Elena

Eduardo Elena (History)

Conquering Distance: Argentina and the Fortunes of Steam-Age Globalization, 1860-1910

Catherine Newell

Catherine Newell (Religious Studies)

Darwin’s Diet and St. Francis’s Menagerie: Religion, Science, and Spiritual Enlightenment Through Food

Mark Rowlands Mark Rowlands (Philosophy)

What is a Mental Content?
Allison Schifani Allison Schifani (MLL)

Imagining the City Burning: Speculative Urban Practice and Play in the 21st Century Americas

2018-2019 Dissertation Fellows

Gillian Mozer

Gillian Mozer (English - Fall) 

Writing Transgender Across Genre: Nonbinary and Trans Influences on Narrative Forms (1968-2018)

Anne Schmalstig

Anne Schmalstig (English - Spring)

Slow Resilience: Narrative Resistance to Climate Crisis in Environmental Speculative Fictions

Anna Bennett Anna Bennett (History)

From Stregheria to Sortilegui: The Materiality of Magic in Baroque Venice