Faculty and Dissertation Fellows


The Research Fellowships bring together faculty and advanced graduate students (writing dissertations) in order to enable scholarly exchanges that cross departmental and disciplinary boundaries. Fellows participate in a research colloquium, chaired by the Center's Director that meets regularly throughout the academic year; each meeting focuses on the project of one of the fellows.

2021-2022 Faculty Fellows

Susanna Allés-Torrent (Modern Languages and Literatures) 

The Reception of Italian Life Writing in Early Modern Iberia  

Pamela Geller (Anthropology)

Your Obedient Servant: The Sociopolitics of the Samuel G. Morton Crania Collection

Ager Gondra (Modern Languages and Literatures)

The Effects of Language Revitalization and Standardization on the Identity of Minority Language Speakers: The Case of Basque

Marina Magloire (English)

We Pursue Our Magic: Vodou Feminism from the Harlem Renaissance to Black Girl Magic

Chrissy Arce (Modern Languages and Literatures)

Mulattas in the Vortex of the Mexican Inquisition: The Case of Antonia de Soto.

Henry Green (Religious Studies)

The Sephardi Voices Archives: Arab Jews and Human Rights

Cae Joseph-Masséna (Modern Languages and Literatures)

The Eziliphonic Text: Voice, Vodou and Afrosonic Feminism in Contemporary Haitian Women Writers’ Fiction

2021-2022 Dissertation Fellows


Jacob Brannum (History

The Power of Negotiation: Authority and Social Organization in Fourteenth-Century Venice (1348-1381)

Monica Faust Figueroa (Modern Languages and Literatures)

Confederates and Brazilian Self-Fashioning in Brazil's Nineteenth-Century Discourse on Race and Abolition

Tiffany L. Fajardo (English)

"A Modernism of One's Own: Speculative Sexuality in Radclyffe Hall, Virginia Woolf, and Djuna Barnes, 1928"