Interdisciplinary Research Groups

Interdisciplinary Research Groups are intended to support scholarly collaboration among faculty and graduate students from different departments on shared scholarly interests that cross disciplines. These groups meet regularly throughout the year and designate 1 convener or 2 co-conveners to provide leadership, one of whom must be a faculty member. The Center offers support by assisting in booking meeting space, covering the cost of meals during lunch meetings, and providing the opportunity to apply for funds related to visiting speakers.  Each research group will develop a web page to be housed on the Center website, describing its overall project, individual programs, schedule for the semester, as well as contact information of the organizers for those interested in joining the group.  Groups are free to determine their own goals, which may include the workshopping of papers, the development of an interdisciplinary research project, etc.  

Faculty interested in forming a new Interdisciplinary Research Group are asked to complete the IRG Proposal Form.  After submitting the proposal, the Center will contact the submitter to set up a meeting with the Director, Professor Hugh Thomas. 


In addition to Interdisciplinary Research Groups, the Center for the Humanities also invites graduate students to propose Graduate Student-Led Interdisciplinary Research Groups.  Although graduate students are eligible to participate in the fully developed IRGs, those students wishing to take on more leadership may consider proposing a Graduate Student-Led IRG.  Each spring, the Center will invite graduate students to submit proposals and will approve up to 2 Graduate Student-Led IRG’s for the upcoming academic year.  Students will receive an email with specific instructions and information on the deadline to complete the Graduate Student-Led IRG Proposal Form.  If approved, the Graduate Student-Led IRG’s are eligible for the same support provided to the IRG’s, including the option to apply for guest speaker funding.  These student-led groups are only asked to make a commitment of 1 year and may apply for renewal of support from the Center on an annual basis, assuming that the group can identify new leadership as the co-conveners graduate.   


Guest Speaker Funding

All groups seeking funding to bring a guest speaker to campus for the 2021-22 academic year must submit a proposal (See guidelines below) to by Friday, April 23, 2021.  Generally, an approved proposal carries funding to provide a $500 honorarium and to cover travel, meals, and lodging for 1-2 nights.  The group proposing the speaker will be responsible for creating an itinerary and seeking co-sponsorship from other units, as needed.  Each IRG may submit only one nomination per cycle. 

2021-22 IRG Guest Speaker Proposal Guidelines.pdf