Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities

The Interdisciplinary Research Group in Digital Humanities brings together faculty and graduate students from across the Humanities as well as Computer and Social Sciences for sustained, exploratory examination of the still-emerging practices and tools of digital scholarship. Running parallel with the Demystifying Digital Humanities workshops through the Richter library, we will meet once a month and there will be plenty of opportunities for hands-on digital work. Our focus is on theory and practice as well as project planning and support.

How To Get Involved

Contact either of the group's co-conveners,Allison Schifani or Lillian Manzor to participate.




Due to factors related to COVID-19, plans for the fall 2020 are still being developed.  Please monitor this page or contact one of the conveners for more details on fall meetings.  Thank you for your patience. 


Allison Schifani

Assistant Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures

Lillian Manzor

Associate Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures 


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