Theatre and Performance Studies

Theatre and Performance Studies

"London Labour and the London Poor"‌
by Henry Mayhew (1851)

In Theatre and Performance Studies (TPS), scholars engage with the “performative turn” in a host of fields, from anthropology to dance to literary and cultural studies. Our research group defines TPS broadly and welcomes scholars working on a diversity of topics from highly contextualized historical studies of theater, dance troupes, and dramatic repertoire to broader approaches to performance as an everyday practice.

The main short-term and long-term objectives of a new interdisciplinary group in TPS are numerous:

•   Foster a sense of community among scholars from diverse academic disciplines who work on any aspect of theater and/or performance in their scholarship and/or teaching

•   Help faculty and graduate students stay up-to-date on emerging trends in the fields of theater and performance studies

•   Bridge disciplinary divides between the humanities, the arts, and social scientific disciplines relevant to the study of performance

•   Provide the opportunity for participants in the group to share and workshop, and thus improve the cogency and depth of their scholarship on theater and performance studies

•   Create a working group of faculty and graduate students to coordinate activities (festivals, conferences, performances, colloquia, etc.) related to theater and performance studies.

•   Provide a venue for faculty and students to discuss institutional and programmatic issues related to theater and performance studies at UM.

How To Get Involved

If you are interested in joining us or in learning more about our group please contact either Dr. Logan J. Connors (Modern Languages and Literatures; or Dr. Stephen A. Di Benedetto (Theatre Arts;



FALL 2018

Thursday, November 11, 2018 at 4:30pm
Emily Sahakian, Associate Professor of Theatre and French, University of Georgia
"Restaging Édouard Glissant’s Histoire de nègre (Tale of Black Histories): Consciousness-Raising Theatre Under Construction"
Otto G. Richter Library, Third Floor Conference Room



Friday, February 22, 12:30-2:00pm
Location: TBA                            Stephen Di Benedetto 

‌Logan Connors

Logan Connors

Associate Professor of French
Stephen Di Benedetto

Stephen Di Benedetto

Associate Professor of Theatre Arts