EMW is an ambitious, and now accomplished, newcomer of about seven years. For the relatively short time it has been published, it is generously extensive, with 300 and more pages per issue. Treating the subject of women in this period, in an inviting, multiple-disciplinary approach, EMW engages critically and intelligently with the categories that it addresses—both “Early Modern” and “Women” —presenting a wealth of fascinating research and pushing readers to complicate their understanding of the fields. The journal also gives a powerful sense of scholarship as a communal endeavour, and research as part of larger conversations. The “Forum” section of each volume is very effective in organizing a multifaceted conversation of a timely topic, and the shorter essays in this section are very accessible to non-specialists. On top of all this, the journal is beautifully produced: the font is elegant and a pleasure to read; the images are multiple, large, and crisp; and the recent transition from endnotes to footnotes is greatly appreciated.